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No Referral Necessary

If you would like to meet Dr Playfair to discuss your orthodontic options and your treatment fees please call us on 02 4620 5800.

No referral and no x-rays are required for this initial visit.

The Cost of Treatment

The cost of orthodontic treatment will depend on the severity of your case and your choice of orthodontic treatment.

At your initial visit Dr Playfair will give you a total all-inclusive costing for your orthodontic treatment.

Dr Playfair uses the whole range of orthodontic treatments including metal braces, clear braces, Invisalign and early treatment and will also provide you with the different options available and their different costs.


Under $10 a Day

Dr Playfair’s goal is to provide the best quality orthodontic care at accessible prices. We want to be able to allow all patients to achieve great oral health and a healthy smile.

To allow patients to achieve this our interest free payment plans are set at under $10 a day.

If you would prefer to pay at the start of treatment there is a further discount which will be applied.

What Is Included In This Fee?

This fee includes all orthodontic treatment and follow-up appointments.
There are no extra fees for ongoing adjustments, monitoring nor emergency visits.

The fee also includes your retainers at the end of orthodontic treatment.
Initial Consultation

If you would like to see if you a suitable for orthodontic treatment, please call us on 02 4620 5800 for a no-obligation initial consultation.

At this appointment we will be able to provide you with your available options and provide you with the costs of these options.

Our initial consultation fee is $95, at this visit you will be evaluated by Dr Playfair and your individual case will be discussed with you.

Free Online Consultation

If you would prefer to have a free online consultation, please fill out your details and upload your photos to the above link and Dr Playfair will contact you to discuss your options with you.

This is a new service which we have now made available to accommodate busy families. 

Free Online Consultation